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New name ….we will see if this one sticks:) December 28, 2008

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So I have now found three famous cows called Claribel, and I just can’t get past that now. So we are going with a name we have always like, well at least since we heard the music of Schuyler Fisk. I think we will go with Skylar for the spelling instead so no one calls her strange and unusual things like I grew up with. We will see, Jesse has always liked this name, and I have never thought much about it, but it is growing on me rapidly. We think we are going to go with the middle name Bella, so cute and beautiful. So it’s Skylar Bella Fagerland –I hope you all like it—we sure do. I got to tell you it is hard to find a cute name to go with Fagerland. I don’t know why:) So Skylar means ( Shelter) and Bella means ( Beautiful) and Fagerland means ( beautiful land-serious). Love you all….I went and got Skylar her first ballerina skirt yesterday, it is so adorable, I can’t wait for her to wear it.


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