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God’s Calling… January 10, 2009

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At Project we are talking about our calling in life. It’s something that I have prayed and thought hard about, but the problem was that I was not actually listening. I forget that I am in the midst of a calling God had placed in my life, to be a mommy . I think us “mommies”(and daddies-totally you are in here also) sometime forget that the calling of motherhood(which comes in all shapes and sizes) is a incredible gift and calling to have. I get lost in the stress of it, the late nights and mess and I forget that God had placed this in my heart a long time ago. I remember being in Freshman speech, and our teacher asked us to give a speech about our dreams. My dream was to be a mom. A little wierd for a freshman to talk about, but little did I know that years later I would be a mom to three babies. I think it is the coolest job ever, to be responsible for life that God created, how crazy is that. Our calling is as different as we are to eachother. But each of us was created with those differences so God could get the glory in so many different ways.


One Response to “God’s Calling…”

  1. great post Destri and so true. Being a mommy (and a daddy) is a huge calling that only you can do. i think you’re a pretty cool mom.

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