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Suck it up, and be a man!! January 29, 2009

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That is the title of a book I want my husband to write. He is what I call a real man….a man who loves Jesus, his family and others. I can’t tell you how incredible and refreshing it is to have that in my life. Jesse isn’t perfect and neither am I, but we have something that is solid and true. I have someone who passionately loves his kids, what is better then that. Who isn’t stuck in the world, but wants nothing else then to glorify God and be the head of his house in that way. Why am I saying all this… because my heart is breaking for families. We have had to many of our friends break their families apart by doing stupid things, thinking that they could find something better outside their family. I just don’t get it!!!!What is better then seeing your kids laugh,cry and fall in love with Jesus. What is better then loving another human so much that your heart aches. People are missing out…it makes me so sad. We need to stand up and be proud of our families, men and women alike need to get in there and work hard everyday for their families . My heart hurts for those kids that see their daddy leave and never come back or thier mommy get lost in a world of drugs. They need to be loved…to see love….to know love. And I know that is only found in Jesus, who is Love. That needs to be our foundation. We need to fervently pray for families….pray for husbands and wifes…..pray for kids….that we all can find that love.002


One Response to “Suck it up, and be a man!!”

  1. wow. great post destri. i love your heart and how you speak well of your hubby. i agree, he’s a pretty great guy.

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